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Just like the stories we receive from our customers, Sun Chlorella has made a splash with pets and animals. The amazing properties of our Sun Chlorella extends beyond human consumption and has proven to be an ally for animal health and vitality.

Our Sun Chlorella Powder makes it easy for many different kinds of animals ingest its powerful nutrients when mixed with water, while our Rejuv-A-Wafers give pet owners another great way to reward their loved ones.  Take a look at what our products have achieved and see why Sun Chlorella has truly made its mark.  

"My dog Maxine was 12 years old, tired, slow, limping, and in obvious discomfort. I had a friend on Facebook (Gentle Barn!) recommend Rejuv-A-Wafers for her. Within days Max was her old self; full of energy, playing and smiling. It was a miracle! Max recently passed at almost 14 but up until 3 days before passing of old age, she was happy and vital! Thank you!
Based on how well my dog got, I tried Sun Chlorella. I used to suffer from chronic pain and I feel so much better! Thanks again!""
- Lori B.

"Bailey is a 2 1/2 yr old Maltese mix. Since he was a 3 month old puppy he has had chronic bowel problems. He was constantly going to the vets for his blood stools. They would have him on antibiotics which helped only temporarily. Then 2 weeks later he had his bloody stool again - Finally the vet wanted to have him undergo a colonoscopy and endoscopy even maybe an operation to see what is causing his bloody stools. So, I decided to try Rejuv-A-Wafers before subjecting Bailey to further testing. As soon as I gave him his one Rejuv-A-Wafer, Bailey had so much soft stool but no blood in his stool. I think he was getting all the toxins out of his intestines & bowels, etc. The next stool after that his stools started to become firmer and be no longer he has to be taken to the vet for his stomach problems. Rejuv-A-Wafer is Bailey's "miracle potion". Bailey's health is much better. His coat is shinier and he seems so much happier. I have spent so much on Bailey's hospitalization and vet visits since he was 3 mos old. Now, I can save big giving the Rejuv-A-Wafers from Sun Chlorella. Thank you."
- Margaret T.

"I have a 4 year old female beagle. She was diagnosed with thyroid problems so I started her on the thyroid wellness supplement. After 2 months I saw some changes but not enough to make a big change in her energy level. So I decided to try the Rejuv-A-Wafers in addition to her thyroid supplement. After about 3 weeks or so she had more energy and she started growing hair in the bald spots. Soon Katie my beagle was running again and jumping off the three feet retaining wall. Thank you Sun Chlorella it is good to see Katie back to normal."
- Carmen C.

"Natasha, Boris and Kotin Kandi Love Pet Sun Chlorella! (Rejuv-A-Wafers)  I can't believe how shiny my cats' coats are since they have been it! Natasha, Boris and Kotin Kandi are up before I am looking for their breakfast and the Chlorella wafers. Our vet is even looking into the benefits Pet Chlorella brings!  Thank you Pet Chlorella, your results are unbelievable!"
- Suzie M.

"Hi everyone! Mom is helping me write my story. My name is Boo. I gotta say it, just try & guess my age! I am part deer chihuahua & Italian greyhound. I was found in a garbage dumpster & taken to the local SPCA & put on death row that 4th of July weekend. Mom & my boy Colton, came wondering in & it was love at first sight for me & Colton. Mom cringed I was so feeble & ready to die. Colton just loved me right out of there. Mom spent her last $125 on me. The rest is history. They celebrate my birthday on the fourth of July. This year I will be celebrating my 20th!
Now the story of how Sun Chlorella Rejuv-A-Wafers has changed my life. As a family we started taking sun chlorella two years ago. Being 18 years old I was starting to have joint problems, digestion issues, lack of energy & I even lost my teeth due to periodontal disease. Even though Mom has always fed me organically & healthy, health issues were happening. She was spending $100 per month on joint meds, having my glands expressed, blood work, you name it. One day in the mail the Sun Chlorella USA magazine arrived. She started researching it right away & the board members. Didn't take her long to make a decision. She placed an order for me, herself & Paul (they have their own stories.) It arrived right before the 4th of July. I gobbled it down & waited for more. Mom's hope was for my joints, glands & digestion. Within 3 months I was off joint meds. Digestion was 100 percent better. My energy was improving & I was back to 2 mile walks a day. After 2 years I easily do 4 miles a day. The good thing is, I don't need to have my glands expressed every month now. What a relief!! The vet says my blood work is off the chart! She hopes when she's my age hers as great!  
The girlfriends are abounding for me, eh eh! I'm just so cute with my tongue hanging out (due to no teeth.) My fur is so soft & shiny. Everyone thinks I'm a pup, maybe 6 years old! When mom tells them my age, they all say "What, you're kidding !" "Wow!" "What do you do for him?" So, she starts bragging on Sun Chlorella. It's a miracle & I'm here to prove it!  
P.S. I forgot to mention how is he running again which I believe is is directly related to the sun chlorella. He's been running about the last 8 months. He can now take any stairs or inclines on trails like a pup. No joint problems what so ever. Pretty amazing. Don't know how I over looked that health benefit. 
Thanks again for everything,
- Kathryn A.
"My name is Tokay. I'm a 16 year old Vizsla with numerous fatty tumors. One of them in my left groin area is about the size of a grapefruit. In November of 2014, my owner, Elaine, noticed I was going downhill fast. I occasionally vomited my food, had increasing trouble breathing and coughed up phlegm. She decided to respond to a mail ad about Sun Chlorella Rejuv-A-Wafers. Since then I've ceased vomiting, eat heartily, can run again and still jump in and out of her big Dodge pickup with restored strength and energy and no joint problems. On my last veterinary visit, my doctor happily told her to keep doing whatever she was doing because I've lived longer than he predicted. She is totally convinced the Rejuv-A-Wafers extended my life so we can enjoy quality golden years together."
- Elaine P.

"My dog Rosie. I gave her just the 1st dosage. She is on hydroezine and it has only helped a little. With the first dosage of Sun Chlorella she stopped itching and went to sleep! She has allergies and does not sleep at night. She's not scratching or sneezing."
- Kerry E.

"I started giving my kitten, Snickers, Pet Sun Chlorella when he was just 2 months old. He really likes the green taste, and I know that I'm giving him a great source of nutrients to help him stay healthy. I can see that it's helped him because his fur is soft and shiny, he has so much energy, and his teeth and gums are healthy. Pet Sun Chlorella will always be a staple in Snickers' diet!"
- Donald C.

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