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We receive stories of transformation every day. The testimony from our beloved customers continues to inspire us because of the many ways our products have helped. Though we do not claim any medical advantage or quick fix, these accounts, and thousands more, are real and truly amazing*.

Perhaps it is because Sun Chlorella is made from a very simple and basic freshwater plant (Chlorella pyrenoidosa) that has been around for more than a half billion years.  In the most simplest of terms, it offers what our bodies need most in order to thrive. From there, the possibilities are endless.  See for yourself and try Sun Chlorella today.

"I really like how much better I feel and how much better my digestion is. It has also stopped my back pain and knee pain. It is the perfect food. I gave my Dr. the book he was very interested in this."
- Joy J.

"For years I tried all kinds of different kinds of things to try to make me feel better then I found Sun Chlorella.  Sun Chlorella is The Fountain of Youth. Some doctors claimed I was a diabetic. They put me on insulin. I went up to 230 pounds within 6 months. I ordered 6 months supply of Sun Chlorella and quit taking the insulin. I got back down to 200 pounds and feel great and I have the energy of a 12 year old kid. God Bless Sun Chlorella. This is true."
- Carolyn R. 

"I had stomach problems for over eight years and nobody could help me. It was like a virus would hit my stomach and without any time my stomach would blow up and it wouldn't stop until it was empty. Diarrhea is not a joke and it hit any time. Most of the time I was driving and even in the Dr. Office. My doctor sent me to a stomach specialist and every time it hit I would tell my Doctor and she would tell me to go to the specialist. I went from 178 lbs down to 134 lbs. Taking Sun chlorella for only 3 days and my stomach stop building up gas, and till this day, my stomach feels great. I showed my Doctor your pills and she wanted me to stop and to start taking my medicine from the pharmacy. I told her no and that I would only take your pills. So my Doctor put your pill on my chart. Thank you.

P.S. My wife had dementia and I was taking care of her at home. So your pills allowed me to keep my wife at home until she passed away."
- Robert M.

"I discontinued Sun Chlorella and noticed immediately. I stopped because I couldn't afford my chlorella. I found out I couldn't afford to be without it. Recently, I reordered it. The first night I took 10 pills and I slept like a baby. The pain in my knee was gone overnight. Unbelievable. I know but true. I pray that I'll always have chlorella in my cabinet. Thanks so much!"
- Peter H.

My name is Ramon, I am a disabled Vietnam Veteran with diabetes, High blood pressure, depression & PTSD from combat. I have been taking Sun Chlorella tablets for over a year. The high energy helpful digestion care, and the super endurance that I've received from the Sun Chlorella is devastating! I have referred 30 friends to order my Sun Chlorella. My immune system has cleared up, and I seem to be able to avoid the common cold (flu) and other symptoms. Sun Chlorella is helping me lower my medication dosage! I am feeling peppier, lots of energy & more vibrant."
- Ramon R.

"Mahalo, Sun Chlorella! …not only has your product helped my blood pressure, it helped clear the fog in my head due to 20 yrs of prescription pain killers. Narcotic free, and walking 3-5 miles a day! (couldn't have done it w/o Sun C.)  Sun Chlorella Nokaoi'!  (Da best)."
- Fernandez R.

"I have been taking Sun Chlorella for about 9 months. I notice I have more energy, can eat anything, can stay up all hours. I was in the import car business for sixty five years. I sold out but I still buy and sell classic car now & then. I am much more alert, with a very calm personality. I would recommend these products to anyone who wants better health. This is just a little note how good product is."
- Clinton H.

"I had heavy metal in my system and also had to cut my hair short. I also had digestive problems. Since I began taking Wakasa Gold and Sun Chlorella, I have more energy and have a stronger immune system. People tell me I look like I'm in my 30's. Also, the Sun Chlorella Cream helps my skin look nice and glow. Thank you Sun Chlorella, it is a blessing from God."
-Rita B.

"I have started something that I really really love! I feel so good all the time my life has improved so much because when you feel good, you look at everything different, everything seems to fall in place as it should, and I thank God for a vitamin that I take and I feel like a king! The only photos taken of me somebody else took! I haven't taken a photo in 40 years. I haven't felt this good ever and I truly mean that! I can't even remember the day I started taking them but I know it was the best thing I have ever done because I haven't gotten sick in any way since I started taking it. Sun Chlorella the very best move I've ever made!"
- Randell B.

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